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When the warm weather is present, the patio becomes a place of relaxation. However, without the shade patio umbrellas make, the patio can quickly turn from relaxing to sweltering. Furthermore, if you frequent your patio during peak sun hours, then it goes without saying that a patio umbrella is a much-needed purchase. At Best of Shades, our wide range of outdoor patio umbrellas includes everything from small to large umbrellas. You can also find different types of patio and shade umbrellas including popular choices like market, drape. and cantilever patio umbrellas.

When shopping for an umbrella for your patio, you have four main types to choose from:

Market Umbrellas

Market patio umbrellas are by far the most popular. Market umbrellas are connected to a heavy stone or concrete base, which prevents the patio umbrella from going anywhere during windy weather. You can then place the outdoor umbrella virtually anywhere you want shade in your yard. Most shade patio umbrella placement options include putting it in the middle of an outdoor dining table, assuming the table has a hole to insert the umbrella. By putting the outdoor patio umbrella in the middle of the table, you can create a comfortable outdoor dining experience. If you choose to dine outside, you now have the option to break out the patio outdoor umbrella and get some shade. Probably the biggest decision you have to make when deciding on an umbrella for your patio is the lift method. The crank lift is a convenient and popular option for many shade umbrellas, but you can also get one with a pulley or manual lift. The crank simply has a handle you crank up and down, the pulley relies on a traditional pulley system, and a manual umbrella goes up and down like a standard umbrella. You don't have to place the market umbrella only on an outdoor table. If it's in a base, you can move it anywhere you want such as in between two chaise lounges.

Cantilever Umbrellas

The next option you have is the cantilever umbrella. Here, the actual shaded umbrella portion is attached to a single free-standing pole. This is opposite from the market patio umbrella where the pole is in the very middle of the outdoor umbrella. These are great for patios with dining tables without the umbrella hole. You can simply put the base of the umbrella next to the furniture and the umbrella portion will hang over the furniture you need it too. Whether complementing a table, two Adirondack chairs, or chaise lounges, the cantilever patio umbrella is a stylish look for any patio.

Drape Umbrellas

The third option when shopping for a patio umbrella is a drape umbrella. Drape umbrellas have a one to two inch curtain hanging over the end of the umbrella. Similar to cantilever umbrellas, drape umbrellas offer a unique style. In addition to style, the extra inch of cloth can help add more shade if needed. Drape patio umbrellas can rest within bases similar to market umbrellas or they can fit into a patio dining table without a base - you just might need to pull it out after use. Depending on the drape umbrella you choose, you could also utilize it at the beach. This can be a useful way to add a few more hours to your beach day. When you get tired of the sun, simply dig a hole and put the end of the drape umbrella into the sand so it won't blow away.

There are some consistencies regardless of the patio umbrella you choose. The color, canopy fabric, and pattern are all things that remain consistent across patio umbrella types. You want the color to match other elements of your outdoor setup such as your patio cushions, your home or siding, or your deck. All fabrics are made to hold up in all types of weather but the most common are polyester and Sunbrella. Lastly, you don't need to settle on a solid color umbrella for your patio. In addition to solid, you will find striped, floral, plaid, chevron, or polka dot patterns if you'd like to add some extra style to your patio or deck.

Sunbrella Umbrellas

Sunbrella patio umbrellas are another popular option for those looking to outfit their patio or deck. Among other traits, Sunbrella umbrellas are known for their durability, quality, and resistance to UV rays. The term Sunbrella specifically pertains to the type of fabric, which means there are several patio umbrellas that can be consider both a Sunbrella and market or cantilever umbrella at the same time. While all patio umbrellas are designed to provide shade and in some cases, repel precipitation, Sunbrella patio umbrellas are most useful for those who live in areas that see above-average amounts of sunshine. Like other types of patio umbrellas, Sunbrella umbrellas come in a wide variety of types -- filter by your desired tilt and lift methods to find one perfect for your home.

In addition to being highly-functional, Sunbrella umbrellas are also a popular option because of their stylish look and feel. Lastly, when shopping for a Sunbrella patio umbrella, don't forget an umbrella stand. Many Sunbrella patio umbrellas come with stands included, but it's best to confirm whether the model you are considering does or does not include a stand before adding to your cart.

At Best of Shades, we carry a wide selection of products from Patio Umbrellas, so you can choose from many different options for your home. We carry the best Patio Umbrellas products, so you can find one that is just right for you. With our large selection of home goods, you're likely to find something that you'll love. If you're looking for where to buy Patio Umbrellas online, then you'll have no trouble finding a great option on Best of Shades!

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